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The valuation is 100% Free and you will not be charged any fees or costs during the lease extension valuation process

How it Works?

Simply enter the details of your leasehold flat in the form and we will start the free low lease extension valuation. Our leasehold extension valuers will then contact you with a low leasehold flat value.

This service is offered Free of Charge. If, after reviewing the leasehold extension valuation, you wish to sell your low leasehold apartment to us, you are free to do so although there is no obligation whatsoever.

Free UK Lease Extension Valuation

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Extend the Lease on your Flat Now without spending a Penny on Lease Extension Costs


Free Lease Extension Costs for Leases under 70 Years

Would you like to extend the lease on the flat? We have a leasehold extension team who specialise in leasehold extension and assessing the low lease apartment value.

  • 40 Years of Property Experience We are very experienced with extending the lease on your flat and we will provide a realistic serious offer

  • No Fees or Hidden CostsNo leasehold surveyor fees, No apartment agent fees, No upfront fees, No lease extension costs & No hidden fees. You can decide whether to accept the offer?

  • Simple – When we make a purchase offer for your low lease extension flat, you get a simple honest and hassle-free solution with no estate agent fees or multiple viewings.

  • Cash Buyers – We are aware low lease flats are not mortgagable. We don’t need mortgage and can buy with cash.

  • Timescale to Suit You – We are very flexible with timeframes and can exchange within 48 hours or longer based on your situation and lease arrangements.

  • No Lease Extension CostYou don’t need to worry about the lease extension cost as we will take care of extending the lease on the flat with no cost to you.

Why wait...

Call 02030264068 to sell your Low Leasehold Flat or Maisonette now

What Property Owners with low lease think?

“I was getting ridiculous offers for my Property which had 63 years lease remaining. Transcend homes gave a very competitive cash offer and we exchanged in a week.  I didn’t have to spend anything to renewing lease my flat”

Lucy Feyords

“I was getting so stressed as I knew I was losing money each day by not renewing my lease, but I couldn’t afford it. Transcend homes offered me a deal where I would stay in the property until the lease was extended. They even covered all the extension fees”

Holy Philips

Stop losing money in your flat and call us now on 02030264068

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