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We need Land

Transcend Homes is seeking land that has development potential. We need Land of every kind & size in London & the South East.

Due to our land buyers’ expertise, we are not afraid to work on difficult projects & often work on refused, appealed cases, & sites with difficult histories.

Transcend Homes pays generous introductory fees for off-market opportunities & we often re-use your professional services (i.e. an estate agent will be reused to sell the homes etc).

Maximising the  land

Transcend Homes has a specialist team who will work endlessly to create designs to comply with planning, but will also ensure it maximises the land opportunity. Due to our land buyers planning & development expertise, we know what can be realistically achieved. We have often designed scheme opportunities which others have failed to see.

Land Requirements

Transcend Homes are very flexible with our criteria as we know how to obtain the maximum value for the land
  • We operate throughout London and the South East
  • We acquire with or without planning permission
  • Unconditional purchases & open to joint ventures
  • Unlimited funds
  • Vacant possession is not a necessity
  • Interested existing buildings Conversions
  • Contaminated and difficult sites are welcomed
  • Interested in Mixed-use schemes
  • Interested in garden assemblies / garden developments
  • Interested in Typical brownfield sites, redundant commercial/ industrial buildings
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We build exceptional high quality homes

We are building homes for the future. Transcend Homes buildings are not just beautifully designed but there is a structure that meets the highest professional standards. We are also committed to making our homes as energy efficient as possible, giving you a pleasant surprise when you get your fuel bills at the end of each month.

Every detail is checked and inspected before the keys are handed over to the new customer

Land Valuation
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