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Do you want to get the most from your UK Commercial Property Valuation?

The valuation is 100% Free and you will not be charged any fees or costs during the commercial valuation process

Commercial Property Valuation

How it Works?

Simply enter the details of your commercial property in the form and we will start the commercial valuation process. Our commercial valuers will then contact you with a commercial property value.

This service is offered Free of Charge. If, after reviewing the commercial valuation, you wish to sell your commercial property to us  you are free to do so although there is no obligation whatsoever.

Free UK Commercial Property Valuation

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Commercial Property Value

Would you like to sell your commercial property? We have a team of  commercial valuers who specialise in assessing the commercial property value & will take into consideration the development potential too.

  • Commercial Property Value – The manner in which we assess the commercial property value is unique compared to a traditional commercial property surveyor because our commercial valuation also considers the development potential, the commercial property surveyor will base the Commercial Property Value on what exists already. We don’t even need to visit the commercial property to make a decision on whether it has development potential.

  • Exchange within 48 Hours – Whether you’re relocating, facing financial difficulties or looking for a lifestyle change, we can exchange your commercial property within 48 hours

  • No Commercial Property Surveyor Fees – No Commercial surveyor fees, No commercial agent fees, no upfront fees & no hidden fees. You can decide whether to accept the offer?

  • Change of UsePlanning can be very risky & costly. We can even take the financial risk & pay for planning which means there is no  risk to you. We have good links with some councils which gives us the edge in getting planning permission. We are experts in maximising the opportunity & often identify opportunities others have missed.

  • Other Development Opportunities – Whether it’s brownfield land, residential (including garden developments), or various other commercial property with development potential, get your commercial property value for free. We can be very discreet which means no one else needs to know you are interested in selling your commercial property.

  • Sell Commercial Property – Concerned your Commercial Property is unique? If for any reason the site is not for us, with your permission, we can work as commercial agent & contact our network of developers all over the UK for Free. We only work with well-respected land buyers.

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Commercial Property of Interest

We value brownfield land & various other commercial units regardless of whether they are empty. When valuing the brownfield land or commercial units, we would also analyse the  development potential. Below are the type of units we regularly value, but would consider any brownfield land or commercial units

Financial and professional services such as banks and building societies etc

Drinking establishments such as Public houses, wine bars, nightclubs etc

Residential institutions such as Residential care homes, hospitals, nursing homes, Residential homes etc

Business – such as Offices, Storage or distribution, warehouses etc

Non-Residential institutions such as Clinics, health centres, crèches, day nurseries, day centres, dentists etc

Retail outlets like Shops

Restaurants and cafés

Hotels – Hotels, boarding and guest houses

leisure – Cinemas, music and concert halls, bingo etc

Everything else-just try us! Land/difficult sites are also welcomed

What Commercial Property Owners think?

“The process is so easy, I entered some information about my Commercial Property in a form & then was presented an offer in a few days. When I accepted the offer, we completed the sale of my pub in a week.”

Tony Price

“I contacted various developers but they kept messing me about. We agreed one price with another developer & then just before exchange they lowered their price. Transcend homes know their stuff & didnt mess me about & did what they said they would do”

Andy Robbins

“I can’t be more delighted. I was offered more than 50% for my garages compared to other developers. They are also structured a deal according to my circumstances.”

Lalji Patel

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